Holding On and Letting Go

I woke up late that day because I slept late from watching the last full show of Eclipse. I was still confident that I won’t be late for work but I was worried about the unpredictable traffic jam along my route to school. Lo and behold, there was another maddening traffic jam because there was no traffic enforcer around. I was already on a jeepney and didn’t notice that we’ve been stuck for more than five minutes already… when I realized that we weren’t moving at all, I just sat there and waited patiently. I even get to say my prayers but I got agitated suddenly and followed some passengers who got off to walk to the next block to cross the jammed and unmoving vehicles. I made my way in between cars and motorcycles faced in different direction located at the intersection. After walking 20 feet, I looked back at the commotion. I was so disheartened when after a minute, the intersection cleared out and the jeepney I was on before passed us by (I was already on another jeepney). That incident made me think on making decisions…

There are some things and events in our life that we relish as we hold on patiently waiting for a more pleasing outcome. What I just experienced is one of those situations where you were patient at first but got edgy from waiting and decided to let go of what we held on only to find out that we were close to getting what we want.

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