Fired from Work

“Show me someone who does a good job, and I will show you someone who is better than most and worthy of the company of kings.” –Proverbs 22:29-

From my two years experience on the teaching field together with my confidence in my scientific field, it never occurred to my mind that I would experience being fired from work. Well, I had the surprise of my life when I was asked to leave my part-time job as a tutor of a 5th grader. Everyone have their firsts, and this one is mine.

I had been giving up some of my precious time in the evening to do sideline job aside from my permanent work for reasons I now forgot. I enjoyed it along the way, and I received extra money which I used to invest for a “notebook”. After a few months of leisure work with great benefits, here I am now, pondering on my faults for taking it for granted. I won’t hold grudges against my employer because I saw my deficiencies. What would one do if they paid for something and that they are not satisfied with it? I can sympathize since I’m also one of the nit-picker types of person.

I’m partly at fault because I let my tutee have her own way during our sessions. I wasn’t able to motivate her to study for herself and I fell short on meeting the expectations of her parents. Guess I wasn’t motivated too. I felt frustrated too for being blamed at their child's performance. I was her tutor for around 3 months before but I left for a month for a Quiz bowl preparation. I just got back and continued for two weeks which is exam week already. Its a little unfair for them to be disaapointed at me just because i'm a science teacher and my tutee failed in science (only that subject, the rest, so far so good). My only regret is that I wasn't able to prove that i had my part and that their child hasn't meet the expectation. (sighs...)

“Lazy people who refuse to work are only killing themselves; all they do is think about what they would like to have. The righteous, however, can give, and give generously.” –Proverbs 21:25-

This reminded me of how uncertain tomorrows are. One decision leads to another possibility of doing another decision. It’s like our whole life and future depends on the decisions we are making. We can decide to be on time at work or be late. It’s up to us to do the best of what we can or just doodle and be a mediocre. We are left to choose between good or evil, right or wrong, truth and deceits. It’s a harsh life, but then, all of us go through hard times. If not for the storms in life, we can never fully appreciate the calm and peace. Without darkness, one wouldn’t know what radiance is.

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