Saying I Love You

Just A Thought...

It has been a very cold January so far. It is at times like these that i wonder what it feels like to have someone special to cuddle with just to raise the temperature of my body from an animated source. And thinking of special someones lead me to think of that "something" that makes the world go round.

I let myself believe that one is actually driven by love. Most of our interest are also connected to what we "love" to do. We do our best for something we "love" and we give our best to someone "love". But the most surprising thought that surfaced in my mind is the uncertainty of it.

People needed to hear that they are "loved". I noticed that one isn't really sure if they are treasured unless they hear the most abused phrase of all time (for me that is). Most TV drama series, movies, manga comics and musics have their climactic moments where one declares their "love" for each other.

Families are bound tightly when the members openly declare their feelings to one another. Married couples strengthens their wedding vows by declaring their love. Young couples feel very secure if they hear those words even if, at the back of their minds, they know they are too young to really have deep feelings of connection to someone. One might even be thrown off balance if their nemesis (most hated enemy) utter those words for people in love even though it is stated with pretentious face and malicious motives. Whichever way you think of it, one will doubt if they mean those words that, somehow, stirred something in the deepest corners of their hearts.

Through the worst sufferings and hardships in life, all these go away when we hear these lines from someone we care for. Doubts, worries and apprehensions about the future dissolves when we hear "I Love You"..

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