Lessons I have learned from Boys Over Flowers (Korean version)

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Even if I'm so behind the Korean's hit drama series remake of the F4, I'm finally done watching it after 3 days. I was so indifferent about it while it was aired on TV because I was thinking that all the commotion is mostly due to the good-looking actors and actresses. However, even if it's just out of boredom, I actually liked this adaptation more than the original Hana Yori Dango in Japan and that of the ever famous Meteor Garden in Taiwan.

I got interested in watching it because of Kim Hyun Joong who portrayed as Yun Ji Hoo. He is really getting on my nerves with all those good looks and strange personality... :) Asian TV drama series proved to be worth more than what it seems. Behind those stars acting a character and woven series of events, lies a lot of lessons in everyday life. BOF (boys over flowers) made me think over of those life's challenges and events which may not be experienced by everyone.

1. Loving someone with all one's heart can change us.
If you have admitted to yourself that you love a person and that you can't go on living without him/her, you will have an amazing strength and determination to go through lengths to make them happy. You will even have the courage to change your ways, your habits and your lifestyle to gain your partners approval and praise. And with this euphoric feeling, it might even seem so easy to neglect your friends.

2. Falling in love with the same person your friend likes is tragic.
I had a friend who actually experienced this kind of situation. Hearing the the things that has happened to her and her friend made me conclude that it's such a disaster. It is a disaster because of all the things your heart and mind has endure. Your heart will be under an intense pressure because of the love you have for your friend and for that special someone that fills the other corners of your heart which will never be satisfied with just friends. Your mind will be exhausted with all the situations and projections you have to carefully wiegh before making a decision. One has to endure the pain of choosing between two important persons, the suffering of feeling your heart bleeding slowly, the lies you have to live out to convince yourself everything is okay, and the love that is overflowing which leaves your heart empty.

3. You can't order your heart who to love.
We are always given choices in terms of making decisions, but matters of the heart clouds our clear judgment most of the time. If it happens that you think there are two persons which makes your heart race, one of them rises above the other in the end. If it happens that the one which affects you the most has not diligently pursued you, it is a bit difficult to trasfer all our affections to the second person in our list. I have heard a lot stories about the tragedy of the first love but that person will always remain special one way or another even if the two of you didn't end up together.

4. Even if everything feels like putting us down, someone out there is meant to pull us up on our feet.
I consider myself as a pious Catholic so i believe that God reveals his messages and helping hand through others. Miracles are those instances that God reveals himself to a person. I hope that most of us considers that everything in life happens to make us stronger for our future journeys and that it is also known as spices which adds some flavor and adventure in our life. We are not left here on earth to do evrything on our own but is expected to live with others, one way or another. When we feel that somehow, all the bad luck in the world has been placed on our shoulder, just look around you and you will discover people who is actually suffering with us. We will also be surprised that the most unexpected persons comes along during those moments.

5. If it's your time, there's nothing you can do about it. You only have to make the best out of it.
You can take this statement as destiny or fate. However, I believe that there is such a thing as God's time. Our lives has been carefully laid out even before we knew how to stand and walk. It just changes its path to the main goal because of the decisions we make. When the Maker says that it's time for us to fulfill a duty, if it is a suffering or a pleasant experience, we just have to surrender when all our selfish efforts are not working.

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