because of pride...

... i refuse to accept my shortcomings and faults when situations get sticky. i give reasons and alibis and tries to put the blame on others.

... i lie to satisfy my ego. when things are hard for me to alter according to my desires, i find faults and give negative projections about it.

... i place myself higher than other people. even in my own family, i revel in the attention they are giving to me as if I’m the boss.

... i try to do everything as much as i can by myself. if possible, i want no assistance or whatsoever just to bother my line of thinking.

... i give too much meaning to almost everything, scientifically or psychologically. i enjoy the feeling of being able to explain things other people doesn't care about.

... it's hard to accept that i'm just an ordinary person. living in this world where each person seems just like a speck in a canvas, i want be taken notice and be appreciated.

This is my dark side…

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